Liberale Bibliotheek

LVSV Leuven beschikt over een bibliotheek met verschillende boeken over liberalisme, ondernemen, politiek, enz. Alle sympathisanten kunnen deze boeken gratis ontlenen door onderstaand formulier in te vullen. Ophalen in Leuven centrum.

Titel BoekSubtitelAuteur
Vijf minuten ambitiePleidooi voor een beter werkend landPeter De Keyzer
The Wealth of Nations (nl)Adam Smith
The Ethics of RedistributionBertrand de Jouvenel
De wereld red je niet met minder minder minderGroen denken 2.0: de is de toekomstJan Deschoolmeester & Thomas Rotthier
Freedom and The LawBruno Leoni
De utopie van de mensenrechtenFrank van Dun
Rechtvaardigheid en solidariteit Frédéric Bastiat
Why LibertyYour Life, Your Choices, Your FutureTom G. Palmer
Peace, Love & Liberty Tom G. Palmer
De blik van BourlonHans Bourlon
The Mystery of CapitalWhy Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere ElseHernando De Soto
De liberale canonGrondslagen van het liberalismeDirk Verhofstadt
Capitalism and FreedomMilton Friedman
Keynes Hayek The Clash That Defined Modern EconomicsNicholas Wapshott
The Adventures of Jonathan GullibleA Free Market OdysseyKen Schoolland
Wat heeft de overheid met ons geld gedaan?Murray N. Rothbard
A Tiger by the TailThe Keynesian Legacy of InflationSudha R. Shenoy
The Calculus of ConsentLogical Foundations of Constitutional DemocracyJames M. Buchanan & Gordon Tullock
Inclined to LibertyThe Futile Attempt to Suppress the Human SpiritLouis E. Carabini
Man, Economy and State, with Power and MarketMurray N. Rothbard
The Tower of Babel is in BrusselsThe inside views by a European ReformistDerk Jan Eppink
Human ActionA Treatise on EconomicsLudwig von Mises
Atlas ShruggedAyn Rand
I, PencilMy Family Tree as Told To Leonard E. ReadFoundation For Economic Education
The Theory of Moral SentimentsAdam Smith
The Case For Copyright ReformChristian Engström & Rick Falkvinge
Quack PolicyAbusing Sience in the Cause of PaternalismJamie Whyte
Public Choice – A PrimerEamonn Butler
The Condensed Wealth of Nationsand The incredibly Condensed Theory of Moral SentimentsEamonn Butler
AntitrustThe Case for RepealDominick T. Armentano
After the Welfare StatePoliticians Stole Your Future, You Can Get It BackTom G. Palmer
Red de Vrije MarktDe terugkeer van Milton FriedmanJohan Van Overtveldt
(DVD) Istituto Acton 2010 conferenceEthics, Aging & The Coming Healthcare Challenge
(DVD) Free or EqualRevisiting Milton Friedman’s ideas on the struggle between freedom and equalityJohan Norberg
Nanny State Index 2017The best and worst countries to eat, drink, smoke, & vape in the EUChristopher Snowdon
Human Action volume 1A Treatise on EconomicsLudwig von Mises
Human Action volume 2A Treatise on EconomicsLudwig von Mises
SocialismAn economic and sociological analysisLudwig von Mises
Bibliotheek 1 Alexis de ToquevilleOver de Democratie in AmerikaPatrick Stouthuysen
Bibliotheek 2 MensenrechtenAlle verklaringen en verdragen sinds 1215Prometheus: Liberaal kennis centrum
Bibliotheek 3 Adam SmithThe Wealth of Nations – Hoe worden landen welvarend?Patrick Stouthuysen
The Libertarian ReaderClassic & contemporary writings from Lao-Tzu to Milton FriedmanDavid Boaz
Realizing FreedomLibertarian Theory, History and practiceTom G. Palmer
Free Market RevolutionHow Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big GovernmentYaron Brook & Don Watkins
The Theory of Dynamic EfficiencyJesus Huerta de Soto
The Austrian SchoolMarket Order and Entrepreneurial CreativityJesus Huerta de Soto
Socialism, Economic Calculation and EntrepreneurshipJesus Huerta de Soto
Liberatarian AnarchyAgainst the stateGerard Casey
Contending with HayekOn Liberalism, Spontaneous Order and the Post-Communist Societies in TransitionPeter Lang
Verdict on the CrashCauses and Policy ImplicationsPhilip Booth
HIV and Aids in SchoolsThe Political Economy of Pressure Groups and MiseducationBarrie Craven, Pauline Dixon, Grodon Stewart & James Tooley
The ECB and the Euro: The First Five YearsOtmar Issing
Adam Smith – A primerEamonn Butler
WHO, What and WhyTransnational Government, Legitimacy and the World Health OrganizationRoger Scruton
Taming LeviathanWaging the War of Ideas Around the WorldColleen Dyble
Europe After the ‘No’ VotesMapping a New economic PathPatrick A. Messerlin
Hayek’s The Constitution of LibertyAn account of Its ArgumentEugene F. Miller
Economy and VirtueEssays on the Theme of Markets and MoralityDennis O’Keeffe
Pension Provision: Government Failure Around the WorldPhilip Booth
The Way Out of the Pensions QuagmirePhilip Booth
Should We Mind the Gap?Gender Pay Differentials and Public PolicyJ. R. Shackleton
Central Banking in a Free SocietyTim Congdon
New Europe’s Old RegionsPiotr Zientara
Trade Policy, New CenturyThe WTO, FTAs and Asia RisingRazeen Sally
Does Britain Need a Financial Regulator?Statutory Regulation, Private Regulation and Financial MarketsPhilip Booth
Climate Alarmism ReconsideredRobert L. Bradley Jr.
Capitalism: The unkown idealAyn Rand
het Fundamenteel Rechtsbeginseleen essay over de grondslagen van het rechtFrank van Dun
The European Institutions as an Interest GroupThe Dynamics of Ever-Closer UnionRoland Vaubel
Austrian Economics – A PrimerEamonn Butler
The Road to SerfdomFriederich A. Hayek
A Beginner’s Guide to LibertyRichard Wellings
Ludwig von Mises – A PrimerEamonn Butler
Bastiat’s ‘The Law’The Institute of Economic Affairs